Saturday, 10 September 2016

Benoît Sokal's Inspector Canado

 "Le Chien debout" - Benoït Sokal (France, 1981)
Et hundeliv (Danish edition, 1982)

34 years after this comic album (graphic novel) came out and I finally  get to read it. I didn't buy the series 34 years ago as I was sick of  funny animals and comics with Donald Duck style characters - who were  funny. This isn't in retrospect - I do remember seeing the albums back  then and deciding not to buy them.

Skip to 34 years later and I'm  kicking myself in the head for not getting them back then. But then  again, maybe the jokes and adult humour would have gone over my head,  haha. I found the album in a big pile of unread comics on the floor  sitting between, well, other stuff. It was a pile of ex library comics  that I bought at a big indoor market 6-7 years ago.

This is awesome  stuff and although it's full of humour it's nowhere near funny-animals  funny. This is full of mean spirited characters, violence, death, dark  humour and sarcasm.
I'll have to track down the other albums.  Apparently there's four more in Danish.

I checked English Wiki but  whoever made the entry didn't do a very good job of it. All the French  albums are listed with English titles but I'm certain most of them are  just translated titles, they're not actually release in English (you  don't list translations as titles when they're mere translations). And  no info on the few albums that did actually get a release in the English  speaking world. Wiki is only as good as the last guy who made an entry.

And kudos to Søren Vinterberg for the Danish translation. It has a flow and crispness that borders on sheer poetry.

The first issue (in French) is from 1979 and Benoît Sokal is still  churning them out. The newest issue is #23 from 2015. Don't tell me I  have to learn bloody French to read the rest of the series!
(actually I don't - I see the entire series is released in Germany as well)

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